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As the Chief of Police, I am incredibly proud of the hard work our team does every day and every shift to keep our city safe. Our team is dedicated to keeping our community safe and the following will show you how we have done that throughout the year. Of course, while this information talks about what our team has done this year, our success is directly tied to the relationship we have with our community.
We are well aware that the Roseville community is exceptionally supportive of us as a Police Department. We recognize that every day and work to ensure we meet the expectations that come with that relationship we share with our residents, businesses, and visitors. We know keeping Roseville a safe place to live, work, and raise a family is a team effort between our Police Department and our community. As Roseville continues to be one of the safest cities in the state, even as we continue to grow, we know that partnership is working.
Thank you for your continued support and enjoy reading about your Roseville Police Department!
-Chief Troy Bergstrom, City of Roseville

What we do

The Roseville Police Department provides all law enforcement services within the City. The Department’s primary mission is the safety of the public and the protection of their property.
There are four divisions including: Operations Division, Investigative Services Division, Community Services Division, and Professional Services Division. Each of these Divisions provides services such as Patrol, Investigations, Administration, Traffic Unit, Social Services, Animal Control, Communications, and Records/Property. More information on each Division and the services we provide can be found in our City of Roseville Annual Budget documents.

Police Performance Tracking




Information for 2023 and moving forward will come from the  National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). The Police Department does not have NIBRS statistics prior to 2023. It is not possible to compare NIBRS statistics to UCR summary reporting since they are completely different systems. UCR summary reporting was based on hierarchy of offenses, whereas NIBRS is a detailed system based on every offense within each incident. NIBRS should be considered a new baseline that will provide a more accurate depiction of crime.

Social Services


Other Resources 

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