Information Technology

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The City of Roseville is evolving into a smart community through the use of game-changing technology. This is driving us to continuously improve the way we serve our community, promote benefits in safety, sustainability, economic opportunity, and quality of life for our residents, businesses, and visitors.
-Hong Sae, Chief Information Officer

What we do

Through our leadership, expertise, and strategic partnerships, the City of Roseville's Information Technology department delivers innovative, effective, and secure technologies that empower citywide services and produce value, engagement, and accessibility to the community.
Pictured: Our Information Technology Team

Information Technology Performance Tracking

The year-over-year percentage of incidents solved is within the targeted response time and has remained relatively consistent, near 90 percent. The goal remains at 95 percent, and the Department will continue to strive to meet that goal.

Why this is important

The Information Technology department strives to optimize the use of technology and data to improve operations. Our purpose is to achieve results by meeting business needs through flexible and agile services and develop a trusted, cooperative collaborative work environment.

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