Environmental Utilities 

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We have the great fortune of working for an integrated utility service that continues to push the envelope and iterate to create a better version of how we provide services. We get the opportunities to forge new pathways because of our department’s collective proven track record – exceeding service delivery and achieving excellent customer satisfaction ratings every year – but also because of the great people who do stellar work each day. ~ Richard D. Plecker, Environmental Utilities Director

What we do

Environmental Utilities is an integrated utility service that offers water, wastewater, waste services (trash and recycling), and stormwater services to all Roseville customers. Our water utility staff deliver high-quality and reliable water service to a growing and thriving community. Behind the level of service we provide are highly skilled individuals passionate about doing gold standard work on behalf of the City of Roseville.

Environmental Utilities Performance Tracking

The drought is upon us, blanketing the western United States. In our region, Folsom Lake – our primary water supply resource – has dropped to levels similar to the late 1970s. In 2021, Roseville declared a Stage 2 drought restriction, including watering day restrictions and a 20 percent reduction citywide.

Why this is important

Water resources are the lifeblood of any community. Because of this, Roseville’s Water Utility works to ensure that when customers turn their tap, high-quality and reliable water flows both now and into the future.

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