Public Works 

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Public Works is about connecting our community - whether it’s through roads, bridges, bike trails, sidewalks, buses, or our meeting spaces.  We are the foundation upon which Roseville’s unique character is built.
~Jason Shykowski, Public Works Director

What we do

The Public Works Department manages all aspects of transportation infrastructure within the public right of way. This includes the maintenance and operations of programs and services to ensure a safe and efficient means of travel for Roseville residents, businesses, and visitors.
Public Works also manages the construction and maintenance of public buildings, is responsible for flood control within the City; and oversees the management and maintenance of the City’s fleet of vehicles. The City is proud to have recently added several battery electric vehicles, or EV’s, to the fleet’s inventory. Beginning in 2022, almost all new bus purchases will be zero emission buses with the goal of having our entire fleet converted from diesel and unleaded fuel to battery-electric by 2035. 

Public Works Performance Tracking

Street Maintenance
Facility Services
Alternative Transportation- Bus Ridership
Traffic Engineering

Why this is important

Public Works embraces a cost effective and responsible approach to planning, developing, and maintaining public roads, bridges, buildings, traffic signals, the City fleet, flood control facilities, Roseville Transit, and Class I (off-road) multi-use trails while offering the highest quality of services to the public and other City departments.

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